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Food, Nutrition & School Meals, COVID-19, Testing, and Other Local and Citywide Resources

Links to up-to-date information and services can be accessed directly from our newsletter below.  Links to food resource pages are also provided on the right.   

SF Foodbank Pop-Up Pantries & Student Meal distribution

For More Nutrition and School Meal Information, including maps of site locations and meal heating guides visit SFUSD's Nutrition Resources Page 

For more information on food resources by location, please visit the interactive map page, or click on the green button above.

For more information on free meals at local Community-Based Organizations, please visit SFUSD's Other Resources page, or click on the green button next to this section. 

For more information on other pop-up pantry locations, please visit SF Food Bank's page, or click the green button next to the starred lcoations above.

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