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Jay Ferrer

Program Director

Jay is a Tenderloin based youth developer and artist with over 16 years of experience in transformative youth development and community building working in San Francisco and Oakland.  Creating youth-led environments where participants reach their fullest potential is at the core of their practice and Jay is blessed with the opportunity to work with such a vibrant team and dedicated community of families. 


Audge Salindong

Assistant Program Director

Audge joined TAG as the Assistant Program Director beginning in the 2022 school year. Prior to working with TAG, they had been working with K-12 youth in the Tenderloin for 2 years. They began working with youth in the neighborhood. Audge is by nature an artist, with a BA in Art from UC Santa Cruz. In the TAG Program Audge continues to share their knowledge and skill as a teacher, sharing their passion for art, creativity, and community building with the youth. They feel very fortunate to have gained deep connections with the youth they have worked with, embracing and honoring the talents and compassion they bring to the world.


Andrea Rivera

Program Leader

​Andrea Rivera is a first generation Latina  program leader here at TAG, where she developed a passion and commitment for the advancement of youth and gained 8+ years of youth development experience and community building throughout the years. In these roles she has utilized a combination of unique teaching styles, community outreach skills to achieve her goals. She is very passionate about preparing youth for the adult world and showing them that they are capable and valuable. I’m most excited for future classes featuring garden and science, to help future citizen scientists acknowledge the importance of nature. 


America SCORES-Bay Area

America SCORES empowers its “poet-athletes” to lead healthy lifestyles, be engaged and collaborative students, and have the confidence and character to make a difference in the world.

Family Giving Tree

Over the last 28 years, Family Giving Tree has served nearly 1.6 million children and individuals throughout the greater Bay Area as we actively endeavor to inspire the values of kindness, philanthropy and volunteerism in our community.

Department of Children,  Youth, & Families (DCYF)

The Department of Children, Youth and Their Families (DCYF) has administered San Francisco’s powerful investments in children, youth, transitional age youth, and their families through the Children and Youth Fund since 1991. With a deep commitment to advancing equity and healing trauma, we bring together government agencies, schools, and community-based organizations to strengthen our communities to lead full lives of opportunity and happiness. Together, we make San Francisco a great place to grow up.

Dean Oshida

Executive Director

Dean Oshida has served as Executive Director of IHDC since 2003. Dean has over 25 years experience in the human services field. He holds an M.S. in Education/Counseling from San Francisco State University.

Wai La

Property Manager

Wai La has been IHDC’s Property Manager since 2006. He has worked at IHDC since 1999. Wai has served IHDC in many capacities and brings a wealth of knowledge to the organization. He is fluent in three Asian dialects.

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